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Welcome from the people of parts4heating.com. Our goal is to supply you with the highest quality OEM parts for Laars Heating Systems, Bradford White, and Teledyne Laars boilers, heaters, and furnaces.

For easy identification we have cataloged our parts with high resolution photographs. The images below are clickable parts diagrams for easy navigation. Please click on the picture you recognize and follow the link, or use our Laars Boiler and Heater Parts Search above to find the specific part you want. We currently stock parts for all Laars boilers including the C-Boiler, Mighty Therm Indoor, Mighty Therm Outdoor, Mighty Therm LO NOx, Mighty Max, Mighty Stack, Pennant, Mascot, Rheos, Rheos+, Mini-Therm JV/JVT/JVS, Mini-Therm JVi/JVh, Mini Combo, MiniComboII, Endurance, and all Laars pool heaters.

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Clickable Parts Diagrams

Mighty Therm 500-1825

C-Boiler(Mighty Therm)

Mighty Therm LO NOx

Mini-Therm JV/JVT/JVS

Mighty Max

Mighty-Stack TL 80

Mighty-Stack TL 00-199

LD Lite 2

LG Lite 2

LJ Lite 2

Mighty Therm HH 2000-5000

Mighty Therm AP 500-1825

Pennant PNCV PNCH 200-400

Pennant PNCV PNCH 500-2000

Pennant PNCP 500-2000

Mighty Therm AP 2000-5000

LTLX Gas Heater

LTLX Gas Heater NOx

XL3 Oil Heater

MiniTherm JVi/JVh/JVP

Hotshot Pool Heater

EPC EPS Heater

LLD/LLG Heater

HiE2 Gas Heater

Rheos RHCH/RHCV 1200-2400

Rheos RHHH/RHHV 1200-2400

Summit 200-250

Raypak Diagrams

Series 2 ESG


Pentair PM 500-2000

Mark V DM125-400

Mark V DR125-400

XE ES, ESII and EC 125-400


XL-2 Oil Heater

Series One EPG, EPM

Series Two ESC

LoNox HH-PH 250-400

Jandy LXi

Endurance EDP/EDN 110/175 New

Endurance EBP 110/175

Endurance EBP 110/175

Endurance EDP/EDN 110/175 Old

Heatmaker 9600 CB

Heatmaker H Series

We also supply Heatmaker and Endurance Boiler and Heater Parts
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2400-002 Heatmaker, Blower Assembly, w/gaskets
2400-004 Heatmaker, Pump, Circulator, w/gaskets (Grundfos), w/pressure differential switch
2400-005 Heatmaker, Pump, Circulator, w/gaskets
2400-006 Heatmaker,Transformer, 40VA
2400-008 Heatmaker,R-1 Relay, 8 terminals, (before serial #91-1319)
2400-009 Laars, Heatmaker, Vent Kit Assembly
2400-010 Heatmaker, R-2/R-3 Relay, 4 terminals, (functions as R-1 relay on units after serial #x91-1318)
2400-012 Heatmaker, Control Board - Fenwall/HSI (before serial #391-106 / 791-039)
2400-014 Heatmaker, Gas Valve, Negative Pressure, White Rogers
2400-015 Heatmaker, Gas Valve, Negative Pressure, 3/4", 250
2400-018 Heatmaker, Operating Control, strap-on (after serial #X84-001 - #X91-1318)
2400-020 Heatmaker, Thermal Cut Out (TCO)
2400-022 Heatmaker, Safety High Limit Control, 215F
2400-024 Heatmaker, Safety Limit Switch, 240F
2400-026 Heatmaker, Gas Balance Line
2400-028 Heatmaker, Bleed Line (petcock & tube assembly)
2400-029 Heatmaker, Thermostat & O-ring for Union, EDP
2400-032 Heatmaker, Coil, Combustion Chamber Coil Assembly for pre M2 (before serial #X91-1318)
2400-033 Heatmaker, Coil, Combustion Chamber Coil Assembly for HW M2 (after serial #X91-1319)
2400-034 Heatmaker, Tank, Transfer Tank Only (less coil) pre M2
2400-035 Heatmaker, Tank, Transfer Tank Only (less coil) M2
2400-036 Heatmaker, Coil, Domestic Hot Water Coil (single wall), w/gasket
2400-040 Heatmaker, Burner, Flameholder Assembly, w/gaskets
2400-046 Heatmaker, Ignitor, w/gasket (Norton)
2400-052 Heatmaker, Insulation for Combustion Chamber Coil (top)
2400-055 Heatmaker, Safety Limit (after serial #397-0244 / 797-0516)
2400-056 Heatmaker, Operating Control 
2400-062 Heatmaker, Time Delay Relay, Thermodisc
2400-079 Heatmaker, Blower Assembly, w/gaskets
2400-106 Heatmaker, Pressure Differential Switch - Square/Black (after serial #X94-905)
2400-110 Heatmaker, Stack Switch (blower proving/fan switch/pressure switch)
2400-112 Laars, Heatmaker, Pressure Relief Valve
2400-114 Heatmaker, Gauge, Pressure/Temperature, Back Mount
2400-129 Heatmaker, Thermostat Element, is no longer available use 2400-1302
2400-130 Heatmaker, Thermostat, Element, 140 degrees top of 26-99 2400-386 Pump
2400-141 Laars, Endurance Cartridge, Anti-Condensing, Valve
2400-142 Laars, Adjustable Combustion Air Inlet Kit, (replaces 2400-532, 2400-534, and 2400-536)
2400-148 Laars, Endurance EBP Field Service Kit
2400-149 Laars, Field Service Kit, EDP/EDN
2400-1574 Heatmaker, Tube Assembly, Pressure Differential Switch (1 pair)
2400-222 Heatmaker, Combustion Chamber Coil Assembly for H(P) M2
2400-224 Heatmaker, S9301A, Control Board, Diagnostic
2400-226 Heatmaker, Low Limit, strap-on, for all HW M2 (immersion replacement kit)
2400-228 Heatmaker, Pressure Switch for M2 series - Round, (after serial #X91-1318)
2400-286 Heatmaker, Ignitor, w/gasket (after serial #391-126 / 791-044)
2400-306 Heatmaker, Field Service Kit (Universal)
2400-307 Heatmaker, Mark 2 Only Field Service Kit
2400-310 Heatmaker, Blower Assembly, w/gaskets, 250
2400-320 Heatmaker, H-Series Gasket Kit
2400-376 Heatmaker, Mark II Models 9600 HWG & CB Field Service Kit
2400-386 Heatmaker, Pump, Grundfos UP26-99F, Cast Iron CB, EBP/EDP 175
2400-392 Heatmaker, Temperature Gauge
2400-402 Heatmaker, Exhaust Vent Assembly, 250 (M2 Model CB only)
2400-424 Laars, 12" to 24" Telescoping Vent Pipe
2400-425 Laars, 36" Vent Pipe
2400-510 Laars, Combustion Chamber Coil Assembly, EBP/EDP 110
2400-512 Laars, Combustion Chamber Coil Assembly, EBP/EDP 175
2400-516 Laars, Burner 110, EBP/EDP/EDN, (gaskets included)
2400-518 Laars, Burner 175, EBP/EDP/EDN, (gaskets included)
2400-524 Laars, Endurance Blower, Combustion Air (gaskets included)
2400-526 Laars, Endurance Ignitor / Flame Sensor (gaskets included)
2400-530 Laars, Endurance Air Vent
2400-539 Laars, Endurance Anti-Condensing Valve Motor, EBP
2400-542 Laars, Endurance Water Flow Switch, EBP
2400-546 Laars, Endurance EBP Control Board 
2400-548 Laars, Endurance Gas Valve
2400-550 Laars, Endurance Safety Limit, 230F
2400-552 Laars, Endurance Boiler Flow & Tank Sensor
2400-556 Laars, Endurance Sensor, Boiler Return
2400-558 Laars, Endurance EDP/EDN Control Board
2400-562 Laars, Transformer
2400-568 Laars, Reset Switch
2400-570 Laars, Heat Exchanger
2400-574 Laars, Gauge, Pressure
2400-590 Laars, Gasket Kit
2400-592 Laars, Endurance Pump, EBP/EDP 110
30-310 Laars, EBP Wire Harness